Some Common Myths About Games

Most people believe that games are launched only for kids and adults don’t like playing them. However, the market of games has grown as first generation gamers continue to play even when they reach adulthood. Today more than two-thirds games launched in the market are for adults. Some of these games are given mature rating by the developers which parents ignore. They buy them believing that these games are for kids when they are only for adults. Most teenagers, who are below the age of 16, love to play games that have mature rating as they find them more exciting. It is therefore important restrictions are imposed to prevent marketing of such games to kids who don’t understand the side-effects of playing them. It is also important to educate the parents about choices available and what they should choose for their kids.

Another myth that people have about games is that they are predominantly for males. However, the percentage of women playing these games is increasing by the day. Today, women outnumber men when it comes to playing web-based games. There are many developers who have realized the importance of games for women and have launched games that women love playing. It is not uncommon to see many websites having kitchen and dress-up games for their women audience.

Many developers who earlier portrayed their women characters and weak and dependent have changed their strategy. Women characters are portrayed as strong and powerful who are ready to meet any challenge that is given to them.