Know About Game Testing

Basically the process of software testing for video games is known as Game Testing. You may have heard of people earning money by playing video games. Well, these are actually true stories. There are companies which do really pay you for just playing those video games which are yet to hit the market. The main motive behind is that when you play, you as a gamer will come across existing bugs, if any, more easily than a programmer and this may help them to edit the software, thus preventing mass losses by just paying you a handsome amount. Gaming companies make billions of dollars from every game they launch. So if it becomes error free and gets popular quickly by just paying some 40-50 USD for an hour, it is a good deal for both the tester and the company.

Being a game tester you need to test some specific areas. First of all it is the testing for the functionality of the game. This actually is commonly referred to as Game Testing since it involves the testing of the basic user interface and hardly requires any technical knowledge on game development. What you just need to check here is that whether game crashes or not or how accurate the game mechanics are and other basic things on its textures. After this you need to test for the compliance which basically is all about the existence of game testing labs. There are some standards set by the well known brands like Sony or Microsoft and you need to follow them while developing the game to ensure license approval. That is why compliance testing is so important.

The next important step in any game testing is compatibility testing. Different users have different PCs with different hardware and software configuration. This is mainly done to check out the exact configurations required for smooth functioning of the game. This is different from functionality testing as you don’t check the correctness of the game but you just test on which minimum configuration required by the games to run perfectly. All you need to test the RAM requirement, minimum hard disk space, best operating system, most compatible processor and similar basic requirements. The game’s advertised ‘minimum system requirements’ is obtained after the result from this testing by game testers. Another important test is soaking where the game is made to run for several days and is done to test the existence of memory leaks or rounding errors which accumulate which time.

Though there is no hardcore rule to be followed for game testing yet a basic scientific approach is commonly taken by companies to ensure the proper removal of any bugs. The first step of this approach is of course the identification of bugs, which are nothing but incorrect behavior of the programs. After that, the bugs are reported to the developer, who starts the detailed analysis of the bug to eliminate it from its root. After the bug has been removed by the programmer, game testing is done by the testers to ensure that the similar bug doesn’t exist anymore. After this regression testing is done to ensure that the closed bugs have not appeared again. Standard testing is followed to make sure the game meets all standards for proper launching of the game in the gaming world…