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Learning the Basic Steps to Archive in Lotus Notes

In the traditional days, there were no platforms where one would save documents and hence it was quite easy to lose them. The various positive changes which have taken place in the field of technology have made sure that one does not have to worry about losing important documents. The lotus note is one of the platforms which has come up which makes it possible for one to be able to save an important document. One of the reasons as to why the lotus archiving software is quite famous is because of its efficient archiving features. Due to the useful feature of the lotus notes most of the individuals are using the lotus notes.

Due to the extensive use of the lotus notes is very crucial for one to master the art of filing reports in the lotus notes. In this section we are going to discuss some of the crucial steps to follow when filing reports in the lotus notes . Running the lotus notes software is usually the initial step when one is saving documents in the lotus notes. In a case where one might not be having the lotus notes software one can buy it from a reputable dealer. When one runs the lotus notes software, it is expected that it will direct you to a mail database which contains the action tab which allows one to archive the documents.

The second step when archiving documents in the lotus notes software is checking to file size. This service comes handy when it comes to checking the size of the data to archive is very important because the lotus notes have a limit on the size of the file that can be archived. Getting to know the organization’s predetermined settings is the third thing that one should check out for when archiving documents in the lotus notes . Archiving the documents by the specifications of the organization are what understanding the organization’s settings are all about. Getting to know the preferred archive settings is the fourth thing that one should pay attention to when archiving documents in the lotus notes.

When archiving files in the lotus records one need to learn more on the option of archiving some of them all even all of them. When one wants to submit records in the lotus notes the fifth thing that one should do is narrowing down your options. The settings tab allows one to narrow down choices by giving one the option of editing folders after saving them. When one is archiving notes in the lotus notes the sixtieth thing that one should do is filling the criteria details. Filling the criteria features include giving the right information about the papers being archived.