Everything You Need to Know About Game

When it comes to hunting, there is a wide selection of different game animals to choose from. Are you new to hunting and unsure where to start? Here is information regarding different game hunting techniques, game animals, and more.

Many new hunters choose their preferences by game animal. For example, hunters across the country regularly hunt moose due to their high meat content, antlers, and pelts. Others prefer pheasant or geese for their meat and feathers. Still others prefer to hunt what are considered pest animals, or varmints. These include coyotes, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, and more. Oftentimes these are hunted for sport or simply to keep their numbers down. Doing so can significantly help any landowners or farmers in your area.

Other hunters, on the other hand, prefer to hunt according to their game hunting technique. For example, pheasant hunting is renowned for its need for stealth, steady nerves, and fast reflexes as you creep silently upon a flock of pheasant, then flush them out into the open air. Geese and duck hunting involve constructing blinds and luring the birds closer by the use of complex calls and decoys. Wild boar hunting is known for its risky, but thrilling technique of isolating a boar and shooting it as it charges or tries to flee.

Of course, you are not limited to one form of game hunting. Some hunters switch species as their seasons come and go, hunting deer and rabbit in the fall, pheasant in the winter, and squirrels in the spring. Exact days for hunting season varies according to the location and hunting situations, of course, and different hunting leases are required for each species. When it comes to acquiring a hunting lease, however, you may be restricted to only one species of animal or several according to the agreement arranged.

Of course, the gear for different game hunting techniques varies. For example, the debate regarding whether or not to use various animal calls varies depending on your situation. Any duck hunter who has struggled to lure in a flock can tell you that using the right call can help enormously in bringing your prey closer. However, many elk hunters will tell you that overusing your bugle can result in your prey becoming wise to your trick. The more you immerse yourself in your game hunting, the more you will be able to adjust your hunting style accordingly.