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What You Want To Know About Game Designer

There are numerous methods to accomplish the game designer training that you need to start a stellar career in this field. Knowing your options and discovering the best ways to finance them can help you turn your dreams into a reality. No matter where you are in your life now, becoming a a game designer is still recognizable goal.

You can usually attain the courses that you need by first attending a junior or community college and then continuing on at a four year university. There are numerous technical and trade schools that offer specific training for this field. With these you can get qualified for the job in a lesser period of time and are still highly attractive to potential employers.

If you are currently in high school now and considering this field, see if you can speak with a counselor that can recommend some of the most viable pathways. Those that are not in high school but are looking to start planning a future in this area will do well to speak with a recruiter a trade or technical school about the offered programs and the available funding.

Most accredited learning institutions will have financial counselors on site that can help you get a funding package that will carry you through the entire program. Taking the time to research and investigate your various funding options can relieve a huge amount of the financial stress that plagues many unfunded or under-funded students. With the right financial assistance you can focus solely on your coursework and be prepared for your new career in the shortest possible amount of time.

It will also advantageous to your career to prepare to work within foreign markets. If you want to work for a Japanese company it will serve you well to become a fluent speaker of the language. You can enroll in courses that train you not only to communicate effectively with foreign business, but courses that teach the the common business habits and practices of foreign markets as well.

With any industry, networking will be key. Your time spent in game designer training will often expose you to many of the industry insiders that you will most likely want to work this. Because of this it is important that at all levels of your training you carry yourself with the utmost in professionalism, and work hard to meet and make new connections that will help further you in your endeavors.

Common Questions About Game Testers

One of the biggest misconceptions about making money by testing out games is that all it involves doing is playing games and saying if they are good or not.  It is much more complicated than that.  It involves a lot of documentation of the game and things that go wrong with it.  People with a very good attention to detail end up loving these jobs because they spot things out that the average Joe wouldn’t.  They are then given the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a change in the game and helping out the gamer experience for other people down the road when the game is actually released.

The pay is nothing extreme, averaging 10-12 bucks an hour.  Even that being said, many testers still end up making a ton of money because they literally play all day, racking up the hours in a hurry.  This time spent is used up by going through each level of a game very slowly, looking for any glitches or bugs in the game.  If one is found you simply write down what you have experienced and where it was.

In order to get a job as a full time tester, or even a part time job as a tester there are a few forms that you need to fill out.  The good thing to keep in mind about filling out application forms is that you do not need a college degree or any previous experience at all.  If you love to game and really want to make the gaming experience better for the rest of the community, you are on the right track and the gaming companies look for that in potential testers.

Everything else varies by the company you choose.  Some games you get to test come to you over 6 months before they hit the retail shelves!  Others may never come out, it all depends on who you go though and what game you test out.

Some other benefits of a tester that most people do not know about is that sometimes the testers are given special cheat codes that no one else has access to! Also you will have the inside knowledge of the game which will help you out a lot if you decide to go up against your friends.

Things You Don’t Know About Gaming

Technology is not only a helping hand for working people but is also serving the entertainment lovers to the best of its potential. Game lovers are mostly crazy people and can do anything to purchase the best gaming system of their choice. Hence, gaming consoles have tried to provide them the best games and the best platform for playing. Since the past few years, people were not well aware of the latest products available in the markets due to lack of information system but as the computer and internet has become available to each and every person, people have become more updated and thus more demanding. Game lovers are on the top of this list of demanding people as they always want their game to be the best entertainment package for them.

Gaming consoles are becoming more and more up dated. Gaming console is a computer based device which catches the display signals and get them connected to a video display device that is a computer or a television. Gaming console is a special entertainment system designed solely to meet the demands of players and work solely for the purpose of playing games. No other function is installed in gaming console other than the video and audio applications of the games.

The display of the system is made 3D so as the players feel themselves as they are actually playing the game by putting all their concentration in it. More than 2 players can play the game at a time, the num of players vary according to the type of game and the model of console. Latest gaming consoles are even more updated and entertaining as compared to the older ones. The older gaming consoles were designed in a more manual way but the new gaming consoles are made more digital and fast.

The generation gap is an important factor that needs to be considered while selecting the appropriate gaming console for the new generation. The quality of games differs widely in new and old system. The new generation is demanding such a gaming console that is more fast ad more appealing both visually and apparently.

The first computer game was “pong” and “hockey” played and liked by several people at that time but afterwards people become more demanding and demanded a more appealing console.

Then the second video gaming system named as “Fairchild video entertaining system” was introduced with more advanced and appealing features.

Later in 1983 “famicom” games were introduced which were more longer and have more colorful and attractive graphics. Famicom games include SuperMario, Sega and space invaders.

Sega games were so successful that they occupied all market share and market position of their time and further regain their share in the market by releasing more advanced games in 1988 and renamed as “Sega Genesis”.

The consoles of the fifth generation were even more unique then Sega Genesis and put Sega Genesis to a great financial crisis. These were the “Atari jaguar” games, more strong and faster then the previous ones and gained whole of the market share within no time.

Variety of different consoles prevailed in the market, each leaving its specific position in the history of gaming consoles. With the advancement in internet and computers, people of today use prefer online games that are easily available to them and they can select the game of their choice by just typing the name.

How to Earn Just Playing Video Games

If you want to earn money while playing games in the comfort of your own home, then you should be a professional game tester. Being one can really help you earn lots of money by doing what you are passionate about. Not only will you be able to get the chance to play the latest and the most innovative games before they even get the chance to be sold, you will also be able to really indulge your passion for it.

How, then, can you become successful a game tester?

First, you should market yourself. No matter how skilled you are at gaming, if you do not know how to promote yourself, then you will not be able to land any game testing job, or any other type of job, for that matter. If companies do not know you exist, then your skills are as good as nothing to them. You can go ahead and check out job listing portals and forums to do this.

Second, you can send your resumes along with a detailed description of your previous experiences to different video game manufacturing companies. It is a must, otherwise, how will you be able to make yourself be known to your target video gaming company? You can itemize your experiences and summarize in detail what you did with all the companies you got a chance to work to make your resume stand out.

Third, you need to conduct yourself professionally at all times when dealing with video game companies as well as when you are promoting yourself. Being able to do so will help you land the gaming jobs that you want. Even though being a game tester is not a coat and tie kind of job, being professional is a must. You may, by all means, brag a little about your experiences and your gadgets since this will show people your capabilities.

If you are a first timer in the game testing world, once you get hired the first time, you should make sure that you take your work seriously. Pay attention to the instructions given to you by your employer and follow them to a tee. Take the necessary notes and have them in a legible, grammatical error-free document. Also, make sure that you get the work done on the deadline or better yet, before the set deadline.

It will give you a great feeling once you are able to complete your first assignment. You should, however, still make sure that you keep your presence on the loop to be able to get new ones. Make sure to keep thinking like freelancer. Make sure to always find a venue to improve your skills. And, of course, you should keep on building your network of contacts. You will never find yourself out of work when you do these things.

All About Game Testers

National game Testers are those people who test a game before it is launched. They analyze the games to look for any kind of software defects. It is a part of the quality control process from the game manufacturing company’s side. The games that are tested here include all kinds of video games. It is a dream career option for every gaming enthusiast. However, it is not just about playing a game. It requires thorough technical knowledge on the part of the testers. The testers must be analytically competent, thick skinned and be able to endure long durations of working hours.

The gaming industry puts this job under the ‘Quality Assurance’ category. But it is unlike the usual software quality assurance. Instead, it is much less technical. Most game testers are not very educated. They are just high school pass-outs with almost negligible professional technical degree or diploma. This is usually a full time job but most companies do hire temporary employees.

In most companies, when these testers are working under the publishers, they are outsourced to the game developer’s site and are not deployed at the office of their employer. Many students work as part time testers. Companies generally hire during late summer or early autumn. These are the times when it is a kind of crunch period for games to be completed and shipped before the holiday season begins.

Times are however changing and companies are hiring more and more professional testers. There is a misconception that game testing is a kind of stress test where the testers play a game and report about all the bugs they come across while playing it. Actually, the job of testers is to find bugs not just by simply playing but by using many complicated technologies. A tester plays many portions of the same game repeatedly for long hours. Some also suffer from burnouts as a result of this.

Despite all the risks associated with this job and the work hours it requires, it does not pay much. In fact, the wages are generally paid on an hourly basis. Since the employees are generally hired on temporary basis, they are not entitled for benefits or even holidays. Most testers treat this job as a stop-gap arrangement after which they can get a better job in the gaming industry.

What About Game Testing Jobs

Are you one of those who are considering games testing jobs? A games tester may appear to have one of the best jobs available in the market. With the requirement of working for at least two hours a day and being paid at least $30 an hour for someone who has no work experience, the job of a game tester may really appeal to many people.

However, the primary characteristic of game testers is that they are quite passionate about playing games. With the younger generation very much immersed in computer and video games, there are many people who would be able to comply with this requirement. So, is there a future for the game tester career path? The answer is in the affirmative, but only for those who have the passion to play games and those who are very observant.

A game tester needs to be on the lookout for any bugs or flaws that could mar the enjoyment that a buyer will have in playing the game. The problem with a glitch in a game is that a player could discuss this issue in forums and tell their friends how lousy that particular game is. Therefore, it is apparent that a company can stand to lose millions or even more if there are bugs left in a game that they have marketed. The damage to their reputation could be very serious because bad news can really travel very fast.

However, a game tester needs to be patient in noting exactly where an error occurred so the developers can provide the necessary remedy. Here is the difficult part of being a game tester. He must be willing to keep on repeating certain game sequences to make sure the problem has been corrected.

Need Christmas Gift Ideas?

If you are having trouble coming up with a good gift idea for Christmas this year, don’t fear. There is a good chance that games are somewhere on the list of everyone you are going to get a gift. You will still have to know a little bit about the person’s gaming preferences, but if you’re buying them a gift, this is something you should know. If you don’t know the gift recipient very well, we have some tips for buying games for them as well. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a good idea of the perfect game for your Christmas gift.

Buying Video Games for All Ages

There are other things you should know when buying video games as gifts, but these two tips should get you headed in the right direction.

  • Know their System – If you are planning on buying a video game, you will need to know what console they have. For example, do they have a Nintendo DS? A Nintendo Wii? Perhaps the X-Box or PS3? If you don’t want to disappoint with your video game gift, make sure you know the gaming system the gift recipient owns.
  • Know Their Age – Beyond what type of video game system they have, you want to pay attention to their age. You don’t want to get a five year old the latest, greatest (and bloodiest) Grand Theft Auto game. Most games have age recommendations. Pay attention to these closely – especially the ratings.

Old School Games as Christmas Gifts

If you don’t know what video game system your gift recipient has or aren’t sure of what types of video games they like, there is another solution available. Board games aren’t flashy, but they’re still around for a reason – they’re fun. Not to mention they usually don’t cost as much as the latest and greatest video games. As with video games, you want to make sure you stick to age appropriate games.

Games as Gifts for Different Ages

  • Toddlers – Memory is a classic game that is available in many different forms. Your child will love this game and it will help them improve their memory skills.
  • 5 to 7 Year Olds – Candyland and Hungry-Hungry-Hippo are classic games for children in this age range.
  • 8 to 12 Year Olds – For slightly older children, Sorry, Clue, Monopoly and other games are favorites, although they may need an adult or two playing as well.
  • Teenagers – Most teens would rather have a video game, but there are some board games that cater to this age group. Scrabble Slam is one that many enjoy – boys and girls – while many boys end up loving Risk.
  • Adults – There are actually quite a few board games that are meant for teens and adults. From strategy war games to collectible trading card games, there are many options if you’re buying a gift for someone older.

The Excitement About Gaming

Gaming today has come a long way. The gaming technology today is giving the games a whole new perspective. Because of the gaming technology more and more people today are finding gaming to be more existing and challenging.

The Games today have much better graphics. It’s a lot different then the old square faced figures running around a jagged edged for ground. The graphics in today’s games give the games a more movie like look. Making the games more like a video or life like, and being able to interact in the movie.

The first person shooter games and the role playing games have made the biggest impact on the gaming industry. These games have far exceeded there expectations in the gaming world, and are getting better and better with the increasing technology.

Online gaming is more popular today then ever before. The experience of going head to head with people all over the world makes the games more intense and challenging. It’s the online gaming that really sparks the interest of the gaming world. The battle of wits, going head to head gives you the ability to challenge yourself to think harder and faster in the game. The nature of every person in the world is to become better.

The gaming industries, I have to say in the least have made remarkable advances in the gaming world. In my opinion the gaming industry has only hit the tip of the ice burg, if you will. I believe as the technology grows the games, and gaming world will grow with it. This can only give the gaming industries a positive out come for the future.

The Untold Facts About Game

Game tester is the dream job of many gamers. But, this is not an easy job, as it may seem to be. To become a game tester one need have determination and patience along with the knowledge of highly technical skills.

To become a video game tester, the first thing you need to do is to get over with the myths and fantasies. Many gamers are under the impression that a game tester’s job is to just play the games and which is like a fairy tale job for them. But this is not the case.

Game testers are not paid to just sit and simply play the newest games. It is correct to say that they get to play the newest and the most advanced games before any one else. They have to play the game and search for bugs and program errors before it is marketed out to the public. Any normal player can hardly find these errors.

Game testers play a very vital role to game manufacturers because the company just cannot make and release games that contain lots of program errors and bugs. And if they do so, nobody will play their games, which will be a complete loss to the company. And this loss will not be a small amount. Companies invest millions of dollar just for one game.

Basically, the game testing is done on a personal computer, a PlayStation, Xbox and so on. The job of a game tester is to play the game and try to find the bugs or errors, if there is any. And if there is any bug or error, he or she has to report it describing what happened, where it occurred and how it occurred. This way, the programmers can easily locate the bug or error and find a solution to remove it.

Generally, the game testers have to play the same game again and again for long hours and that too at the same level just to find out the location of the error. They also have to check the durability of the game disc through a series of tests like how much damage it can resist before becoming unresponsive and so on.

Usually for beginners, the game testers get payment around USD 10 -12 per hour only. An annual survey reports that testers earn around $39,063 per year but those who have experience over six year get around $43,056 per year. And if you are a top video game tester, you can expect around $200,000 per year. Some employers even offer extra payments to the tester for the number of bugs he finds.

Know About Game Testing

Basically the process of software testing for video games is known as Game Testing. You may have heard of people earning money by playing video games. Well, these are actually true stories. There are companies which do really pay you for just playing those video games which are yet to hit the market. The main motive behind is that when you play, you as a gamer will come across existing bugs, if any, more easily than a programmer and this may help them to edit the software, thus preventing mass losses by just paying you a handsome amount. Gaming companies make billions of dollars from every game they launch. So if it becomes error free and gets popular quickly by just paying some 40-50 USD for an hour, it is a good deal for both the tester and the company.

Being a game tester you need to test some specific areas. First of all it is the testing for the functionality of the game. This actually is commonly referred to as Game Testing since it involves the testing of the basic user interface and hardly requires any technical knowledge on game development. What you just need to check here is that whether game crashes or not or how accurate the game mechanics are and other basic things on its textures. After this you need to test for the compliance which basically is all about the existence of game testing labs. There are some standards set by the well known brands like Sony or Microsoft and you need to follow them while developing the game to ensure license approval. That is why compliance testing is so important.

The next important step in any game testing is compatibility testing. Different users have different PCs with different hardware and software configuration. This is mainly done to check out the exact configurations required for smooth functioning of the game. This is different from functionality testing as you don’t check the correctness of the game but you just test on which minimum configuration required by the games to run perfectly. All you need to test the RAM requirement, minimum hard disk space, best operating system, most compatible processor and similar basic requirements. The game’s advertised ‘minimum system requirements’ is obtained after the result from this testing by game testers. Another important test is soaking where the game is made to run for several days and is done to test the existence of memory leaks or rounding errors which accumulate which time.

Though there is no hardcore rule to be followed for game testing yet a basic scientific approach is commonly taken by companies to ensure the proper removal of any bugs. The first step of this approach is of course the identification of bugs, which are nothing but incorrect behavior of the programs. After that, the bugs are reported to the developer, who starts the detailed analysis of the bug to eliminate it from its root. After the bug has been removed by the programmer, game testing is done by the testers to ensure that the similar bug doesn’t exist anymore. After this regression testing is done to ensure that the closed bugs have not appeared again. Standard testing is followed to make sure the game meets all standards for proper launching of the game in the gaming world…