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The Excitement About Gaming

Gaming today has come a long way. The gaming technology today is giving the games a whole new perspective. Because of the gaming technology more and more people today are finding gaming to be more existing and challenging.

The Games today have much better graphics. It’s a lot different then the old square faced figures running around a jagged edged for ground. The graphics in today’s games give the games a more movie like look. Making the games more like a video or life like, and being able to interact in the movie.

The first person shooter games and the role playing games have made the biggest impact on the gaming industry. These games have far exceeded there expectations in the gaming world, and are getting better and better with the increasing technology.

Online gaming is more popular today then ever before. The experience of going head to head with people all over the world makes the games more intense and challenging. It’s the online gaming that really sparks the interest of the gaming world. The battle of wits, going head to head gives you the ability to challenge yourself to think harder and faster in the game. The nature of every person in the world is to become better.

The gaming industries, I have to say in the least have made remarkable advances in the gaming world. In my opinion the gaming industry has only hit the tip of the ice burg, if you will. I believe as the technology grows the games, and gaming world will grow with it. This can only give the gaming industries a positive out come for the future.

The Untold Facts About Game

Game tester is the dream job of many gamers. But, this is not an easy job, as it may seem to be. To become a game tester one need have determination and patience along with the knowledge of highly technical skills.

To become a video game tester, the first thing you need to do is to get over with the myths and fantasies. Many gamers are under the impression that a game tester’s job is to just play the games and which is like a fairy tale job for them. But this is not the case.

Game testers are not paid to just sit and simply play the newest games. It is correct to say that they get to play the newest and the most advanced games before any one else. They have to play the game and search for bugs and program errors before it is marketed out to the public. Any normal player can hardly find these errors.

Game testers play a very vital role to game manufacturers because the company just cannot make and release games that contain lots of program errors and bugs. And if they do so, nobody will play their games, which will be a complete loss to the company. And this loss will not be a small amount. Companies invest millions of dollar just for one game.

Basically, the game testing is done on a personal computer, a PlayStation, Xbox and so on. The job of a game tester is to play the game and try to find the bugs or errors, if there is any. And if there is any bug or error, he or she has to report it describing what happened, where it occurred and how it occurred. This way, the programmers can easily locate the bug or error and find a solution to remove it.

Generally, the game testers have to play the same game again and again for long hours and that too at the same level just to find out the location of the error. They also have to check the durability of the game disc through a series of tests like how much damage it can resist before becoming unresponsive and so on.

Usually for beginners, the game testers get payment around USD 10 -12 per hour only. An annual survey reports that testers earn around $39,063 per year but those who have experience over six year get around $43,056 per year. And if you are a top video game tester, you can expect around $200,000 per year. Some employers even offer extra payments to the tester for the number of bugs he finds.

Know About Game Testing

Basically the process of software testing for video games is known as Game Testing. You may have heard of people earning money by playing video games. Well, these are actually true stories. There are companies which do really pay you for just playing those video games which are yet to hit the market. The main motive behind is that when you play, you as a gamer will come across existing bugs, if any, more easily than a programmer and this may help them to edit the software, thus preventing mass losses by just paying you a handsome amount. Gaming companies make billions of dollars from every game they launch. So if it becomes error free and gets popular quickly by just paying some 40-50 USD for an hour, it is a good deal for both the tester and the company.

Being a game tester you need to test some specific areas. First of all it is the testing for the functionality of the game. This actually is commonly referred to as Game Testing since it involves the testing of the basic user interface and hardly requires any technical knowledge on game development. What you just need to check here is that whether game crashes or not or how accurate the game mechanics are and other basic things on its textures. After this you need to test for the compliance which basically is all about the existence of game testing labs. There are some standards set by the well known brands like Sony or Microsoft and you need to follow them while developing the game to ensure license approval. That is why compliance testing is so important.

The next important step in any game testing is compatibility testing. Different users have different PCs with different hardware and software configuration. This is mainly done to check out the exact configurations required for smooth functioning of the game. This is different from functionality testing as you don’t check the correctness of the game but you just test on which minimum configuration required by the games to run perfectly. All you need to test the RAM requirement, minimum hard disk space, best operating system, most compatible processor and similar basic requirements. The game’s advertised ‘minimum system requirements’ is obtained after the result from this testing by game testers. Another important test is soaking where the game is made to run for several days and is done to test the existence of memory leaks or rounding errors which accumulate which time.

Though there is no hardcore rule to be followed for game testing yet a basic scientific approach is commonly taken by companies to ensure the proper removal of any bugs. The first step of this approach is of course the identification of bugs, which are nothing but incorrect behavior of the programs. After that, the bugs are reported to the developer, who starts the detailed analysis of the bug to eliminate it from its root. After the bug has been removed by the programmer, game testing is done by the testers to ensure that the similar bug doesn’t exist anymore. After this regression testing is done to ensure that the closed bugs have not appeared again. Standard testing is followed to make sure the game meets all standards for proper launching of the game in the gaming world…

Everything You Need to Know About Game

When it comes to hunting, there is a wide selection of different game animals to choose from. Are you new to hunting and unsure where to start? Here is information regarding different game hunting techniques, game animals, and more.

Many new hunters choose their preferences by game animal. For example, hunters across the country regularly hunt moose due to their high meat content, antlers, and pelts. Others prefer pheasant or geese for their meat and feathers. Still others prefer to hunt what are considered pest animals, or varmints. These include coyotes, foxes, rabbits, squirrels, and more. Oftentimes these are hunted for sport or simply to keep their numbers down. Doing so can significantly help any landowners or farmers in your area.

Other hunters, on the other hand, prefer to hunt according to their game hunting technique. For example, pheasant hunting is renowned for its need for stealth, steady nerves, and fast reflexes as you creep silently upon a flock of pheasant, then flush them out into the open air. Geese and duck hunting involve constructing blinds and luring the birds closer by the use of complex calls and decoys. Wild boar hunting is known for its risky, but thrilling technique of isolating a boar and shooting it as it charges or tries to flee.

Of course, you are not limited to one form of game hunting. Some hunters switch species as their seasons come and go, hunting deer and rabbit in the fall, pheasant in the winter, and squirrels in the spring. Exact days for hunting season varies according to the location and hunting situations, of course, and different hunting leases are required for each species. When it comes to acquiring a hunting lease, however, you may be restricted to only one species of animal or several according to the agreement arranged.

Of course, the gear for different game hunting techniques varies. For example, the debate regarding whether or not to use various animal calls varies depending on your situation. Any duck hunter who has struggled to lure in a flock can tell you that using the right call can help enormously in bringing your prey closer. However, many elk hunters will tell you that overusing your bugle can result in your prey becoming wise to your trick. The more you immerse yourself in your game hunting, the more you will be able to adjust your hunting style accordingly.

All About Game

Game Music Videos (GMV’s) are commonly identified as machinima music videos as well. They are a category of machinima video which makes use of a video game soundtrack or recording to narrate the tale of some song. People who make game videos pick a tune, remix of a song or combine different songs and then match them with gameplay clips that has been created from one game or multiple video games. These gamers then produce a very comprehensive and interesting to watch video without the heavy overhead of modern music videos like those produced for top selling musical artists. Game Videos can be produced by combining a variety of games. On the whole, these videos are created by means of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games since the figures have a very large variety of actions and emotions, more than any other genre of games. Extremely famous massive multiplayer online games such as World of Warcraft are employed to create Warcraft music videos and RuneScape provides a platform to produce RuneScape music videos. Almost all game types have been used in the creation of this vein of machinima including First Person Shooters like Call of Duty and Counter Strike and Real-Time Strategy games like the Command and Conquer series.

Game Music Video Culture

The game music video culture was developed quite recently, about six years ago. This is not enough time for anything so new to be completely evolved which means GMV’s are still in the developing stages. That’s great news for aspiring video producers out there giving them the freedom to really experiment with the style they create their videos in, adding in different effects, etc.. Some of the most popular uses of music in game videos is known as a “Frag Movie” or a “Frag Video” these types of videos show a skilled FPS player showing off their skills in clips of incredible frags or kills in one or more games and is set to several songs throughout. Many of these videos are created for “COTW” or Clip of the Week. Because GMV’s are made with video games the genre will always be going through evolutionary changes to adapt to the new, more popular games and game types. This allows the genre to grow and bond with gamers as they change their taste with games, something that traditional music videos can not accomplish as easily with the general public. With the evolution of music videos, this industry offers beginners lessons along with the videos; this caters to the platform that the new learners require. In the long run, this comes out to be the saving route and in addition they get the entertaining factor.

How to Create Videos for Games

It is not particularly difficult to create music videos for games. Anyone can easily produce these by using windows movie maker. Start with recording a lot of scenes of gameplay from your favorite game like World of Warcraft, RuneScape or Duke Nukem. You can use Fraps, Game Cam or other video capture software to accomplish this. Always keep in mind that having a large number of scenes in your video will make your video look more professional. Also having a variety of scenes will ensure that there is enough footage to edit through to make the video. Secondly you choose a song that compliments your plot and scenes. If in case you have a song preference, then you can create your story according to the song. Now you combine the scene in rhythm with the song. Make sure the audio levels of the cut scenes are minimized to zero so that the sound of the clips is not audible behind the song. It is really irritating if voice of the scene is mixed with music. Make sure the music and scene are in order and a scene is not on screen for more than fifteen seconds since that looks unprofessional and effortless. Use your own artistic creativity to include effects in the video.